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Circle of Insight Podcast - Episode Two

Interview with Dr. Ira Colby

Ira C. Colby, DSW, MSW, is Professor Emeritus and former Dean at the University of Houston School of Social Work, former President of the Council on Social Work Education, and author and editor of numerous social work texts on social policy and social justice, including The Handbook of Policy Practice (2018) by Oxford University Press.

Interview with Dr. Ira Colby, Ep. 2 - Circle of Insight Podcast - Professor Anthony Nicotera

Is this fair and just?

"The question that I've asked consistently over time... on any issue, as I've been exploring something and think I'm coming to a solution, or I'm coming to a remedy, I always ask myself, Is this fair and just?  ... that would be the first thing I would ask people as you're looking through the lens of social justice, and it really is a lens of how we look at things, it's a very simple question, Is this fair? Is this just?" - Dr. Ira Colby, Circle of Insight Podcast

Circle of Insight Podcast - Episode One

The Circle of Insight Process & A Social Work Definition of Social Justice

Circle of Insight Process, Ep. 1 - Circle of Insight Podcast - Professor Anthony Nicotera

A social justice resource.

"The Circle of Insight is a tool I created to teach and invite social justice pedagogy and practice.  It is a see, reflect, act, cyclical, purpose-driven process that invites personal and social healing and liberation - in the spirit of seminal social justice educators and practitioners,  such as Jane Addams, Paulo Freire and bell hooks.


This podcast will utilize the Circle of Insight process to shape conversations and considerations around social work’s commitment to social justice as a core value.  My hope is that Circle of Insight will serve as a resource for social work educators, students, and practitioners in their efforts to better understand, teach, and practice social justice.


Our first episode presents the Circle of Insight process in detail, and utilizes it to suggest a social work definition of social justice."

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