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Make 2017 Constructive

Words of Wisdom - Creating Your Constructive Program

Joanne Sheehan, in Gandhi's Three Elements of Nonviolent Social Transformation, shares, "We are quick to identify and protest the things we don't like in our society, but we are often asked 'so what are you for?' As revolutionaries we need to start building a new society in the shell of the old. Gandhi said we should not wait for one to crumble before starting the other. Constructive program brings people together to do the kind of community work that is empowering, bringing them to a point of self reliance and being ready to develop a new society." (Click image for Gandhi's text)


Listen deeply to the stillness in your soul. What sacred word, sound or phrase speaks to you? Perhaps a line from a sacred text, a favorite poem, an Om, Shanti, or song lyric. Whatever it is, make it your mantra. Repeat it in silence. Allow it to speak to you. Allow it to inspire the creation of your own constructive program.


On Being's Krista Tippett interviews Vincent Harding - Is America Possible? The late civil rights leader and speechwriter for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., reflects on lessons from the civil rights era that can be applied today in the creating of a contemporary constructive program. "To develop the best humanity, the best spirit, the best community, there needs to be discipline, practices of exploring... How do we talk together in ways that will open up our best capacities and our best gifts?" (Click image to listen)


I invite you to listen to Stand Up by Sugarland.

As we create our constructive program, we stand up and use our voice, we stand up for the voiceless, and we invite others to stand up and use their voice.

Make 2017 Constructive - Stand up and Create Your Constructive Program.

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